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About Us

International Assembly of Human Rights

International Assembly of Human Rights has been founded for the protection of human rights. Since, in India still there is violation in so many sectors IAHR is committed to prevent all sorts of these violations.

To follow the same path the view and objective of IAHR is to prevent the same globally. Wherever in world if there will be any violation of human rights IAHR is ready to appear in such battles for humanity.

IAHR will be ready to advise / counsel and provide the end solution if it comes from across boundaries also.

IAHR has concluded that environment is largest impact on human life. If the environment will be effected that will be a threat to human life and the can be considered as the biggest violation of human rights. So, IAHR has decided to protect the same by all the ways possible for protection of environment.

Since every Government have the primary responsibility to protect human rights, the human rights, our international board (core body) has decided to assist the governments to help implementation of international human rights standard on the ground.

Our Work / Object / Domain