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From Our Chairman's Desk

5th June is the environment day and this might not affect a lot of people, but the current state of the global warming suggests that we should. Because day by day our planet or our beloved earth is getting warmer and warmer as we can feel and because of we as humans use carbon way too much that is the main reason. So today as an environmentalist I would like to share some prior knowledge that I learned when I was taking care of the environment by simply planting trees. Whenever we talk about the environment, saving the first thing that comes to our mind is trees or plants, simply to put the plants are the key parts of the environment. And I was a caretaker of the environment, planting trees as much as I could, but I came to the conclusion that when I was planting trees in every small village and intersection down those lonely places, I was convinced that it will surely become successful. But the reality hit me hard when, after the plantation, I found out that the plants are no longer present in the places, which is obviously because of the lack of awareness in people and in their mentality because for them trees don't actually matter to them neither do environment. And they're thinking is that I only do it because of popularity and fame and power not for the environment which hurt me more rather than their actions. But I still don't give up on them and not in the young generation of our people they hold huge potential to change the planet like once before it was beautiful and it is a dream to me that I want to see it fulfilled. But as we know every dream cost and the cost, we have to pay is educating our children about the environment. In the end, if you read this and understand if we don't solve this - there will be no state, no nation, no world, and no earth.

International Assembly of Human Rights
We sometimes as a human forget that everything is shared in our earth. From the last decade in human society, the only thing that continuously increases is pollution. And pollution is not only limited to one kind but soil, air, and water to our main problem which is deforestation. And we intend to fight that issue with all of our might and force. Because of the carbon we constantly emitting in our atmosphere is going to make us and other creatures cease to exist, and before that happens something must be done. I particularly have a dream of planting 2 crore trees alone. And we need all the help we can get.
And human rights is our one of another goal too. India is a populated country and here the population is currently  130 crores and exceeding so it is, unfortunately, to happen in violation of basic human rights and this is why International Assembly of Human Rights(IAHR) is committed to change it. The human rights violation is happening globally and we try to stop this at any cost. And the fact that every government is primarily responsible for protecting human right our International board is aiding the government to implement and pinpoint the violated areas where human right is violated on the field.
Our Vision
We as a human rights organization have some vision and mission too. Because without a vision it is never possible to fulfil it and not only as an organization but as an individual to, we will drift off aimlessly. But we want people to realize that they have the same responsibility to protect and promote human rights too. Where every human being is treated with proper dignity and respect. And where everyone’s human rights are living reality.
Our belief is that the way to introduce and function human rights properly in society is that trigger all range of human right rules and become educated about it then with the help of the government we will properly solve and implement society’s issue with human rights violation. And with no difference in economic position, all people shall be treated equally as with 0the right to have human dignity intact.
Our Mission
Our mission is the promotion and protection of human rights and the environment. For the betterment of relationships and stay true to the principles of human rights for society. And to create an atmosphere where human rights are basic and logical, our act is to make people realize that the true meaning of equality. Simply our mission is to wipe out the pesticides of inequality, exploitation, and violation by bringing light, challenge the issue until it will cease to exist in our widespread system. With the help of proper education, Policies awareness & development and public inquiries and actions.
Our Work / Object / Domain
1) Solution For afforestation and environment – Last year Delhi was severely infused with road dust, transportation and industrial pollution which was a severe issue for the government to tackle. So, our simple try and is to plant as many trees as possible.2 crore specifically and more.

2)  Appreciation of human rights – Due to the human population explosion in India, human right is often overlooked. Our work is to implement it properly with the help of abiding government.

3)  Protection against violation of Human Rights in Socio, economic and civil Life – We have our abiding force of government and law to properly appliance it in the social order.

4)  Prevention of violence against women – In current times, Crimes and Violation against women are increasing and not only our authority but our government is trying to tackle this situation too. And our aim is to do the same.

5)  Protect against women trafficking and improvement – In India and West Bengal, women have been brought to our state and posh states for an illegal violation which we have to prevent and that is where we aim to strike.

6)  Protection against Child Labour and Improvement – Not only women trafficking, child labour is another issue that is spread in our state and India too. Because children are easy to pay cheap and they are equally physically and sexually violated, which sad but true reality in our society. Which we will prevail.

7) Legal help and advice – Sometimes people who know the law will often misuse it in the wrong term. So as human rights organization and we intend to help them get legal advice and help them as it may seem fit.