Mr. Navneet Pandey – Bharat Gourav Awardee (UK)



Navneet Pandey – Either if many other social activities Mr. Navneet Pandey has done a lot in the field of Human Rights.

Mr. Navneet Pandey has awaken the people of remote villages of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar & Uttar Pradesh. In these regions people were not aware of rights, the declaration of Govt. for social welfare as well as economical up liftmen and also of women empowerment. The expedition of Humanitarian Mr. Navneet Pandey to aware the people regarding their rights setup a mile stone in the field of Human Rights.

Mr. Navneet Pandey has also backed up the movement to save the river ‘Karo’ in Odisha and also co-operated the movement of people for drinking water in Badbil. Now the govt. of Odisha is setting up an advanced techniques based water filtration plant in Badbil.

This year in the guideline of Mr. Pandey, distribution of study material like books etc. sports equipmet and accessories were provided to a school in Badli who were suffering due to lack of fund.

In Jharkhand Mr. Pandey has guided the movement of Women empowerment also.

In Bihar several reforms has been achieved by the farmers under the planning and human rights movements guided by Mr. Pandey.

In Uttar Pradesh Mr. Navneet Pandey have appraised the awareness programs for human rights protection Since there were many complaints came before the organization of violation of Human Rights, so this initiative was taken up.