Our Objectives

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We as a society bound to saving our planet and us humans cannot deny that due to too much colonization our nature is affected, and we as a society should take up the burden on us and repair the damage, we have caused to our plant

Our primary motive is to plant more and more trees and Conserve the emitted greenhouse gas that is continuously releasing in our atmosphere

– IAHR is trying to protect the environment in order to promote sustainable development

– IAHR Trying to Afforestation and regeneration of Rural and Urban degraded areas.

– IAHR and honouring and abiding by the rules and regulation of the government of India and protect the environment.

Humans rights are the result of increasing human population and society’s demand for dignity, respect, justice, and protection needed to all of us become a decent human society and us as an organization will keep ourselves dedicate to preserve this goal.

– To promote and interdependence areas where human rights are in violation of Jobs and various kind of works.

– The three key factors of human society those are the safety of people, then people should get equal health-related treatment for their aid and most important yet ignored matter Environment.

-Watching closely of the work of municipality and how they implementing developing societies day to day life.

– Educating our population about what schemes and Plants government has implemented in the system to the betterment for people.

– And to provide legal support for people who are suffered and getting a provocation from the system for their human rights.